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My 8-year old son Adam and I attended Stacey's Mindfulness classes designed for young kids with their parents. It was very useful for Adam to be introduced to the concept of Mindfulness and to learn about its many benefits. Stacey sure is very knowledgeable about many different problems kids and adults have nowadays with focus, attention and patience, and she offered multiple methods to approaching these problems in the most open-minded, friendly and easily applicable way. We learnt a few very useful exercises that we continue to use. Stacey's classes were filled with a lot of time when she would listen to what kids have to say and she would reflect on it with kind suggestions, but never strict rules, which works the best I think. I am grateful for this course, it is now a base to which I return in conversations with my son about the very powerful tool we can use that is there to make our lives fuller and more enjoyable. 


Nina Tchervova-Abdulmalik, mom of Adam, age 8

Stacey taught me that when something is bothering me, if I can take some breaths and be mindful, I can make a better decision about how to deal with the thing that is bothering me. 

Emma, age 11

Stacey is a wonderful mindfulness coach and we love working with her! She has given my kids a number of tools to use when they are feeling stressed or anxious. 

Sarah, mom of 2

In our busy world, students learned the skills to be mindful of their own feelings as well as others.  They practiced focusing on a specific topic, while still being aware of their surroundings through mindful breathing. Thank you Mrs. Mandel!

Megan Coleman, 4th grade teacher

My daughter likes to teach our family about her brain and its need for 11 hour sleep. She found it fascinating that her brain grows while she is trying to solve a puzzle, not when she has solved it. These are the things she learned from Stacey and the wonderful Mindfulness Workshop she facilitated.
One of our favorite activities was making our own Mind Jars with pretty glitter and gems. Charlotte's Mind Jar gets lots of use after school when fuses are short and we are trying to wind down and end our day as a peaceful family. It was such a joy to watch my child express her feelings with color and poetry. I'm learning my daughter has her own mind, and her own mindfulness.

Carolyn Klinghoffer, mom of Charlotte, age 6 

I was so impressed with the amount of information shared and your kind, curious and patient manner. I think those who attended truly benefited from all you offered at the Family 101 night.


Dr. Boylan, elementary school principal

Thank you for teaching me so many mindfulness skills. I feel like a mindful master now! And it's all because of you. ​​​



Alex, age 9